FBX file not loading

Downloaded model from CGtrader.
When I try to import the FBX file I get a blank Transmutr window.

Hi @highlander, could you send us the model to [email protected]?
We’ll investigate your issue.

Also, does this happen with any other model?

Hi @highlander,
So we identified the origin of your issue.

Transmutr has trouble with the model because it contains some invalid material data (that’s why some other 3D editors also have issue opening it).

Of course, even in this case, Transmutr should not crash! We’re going to fix the issue soon. It’s closely related to your model so it should not happen with most other files.

Thanks for the report.


I will contact the modeller.


Hi @highlander,

We just fixed this issue, it will be available in the next version of Transmutr (1.0.2).

Of course the model will have errors such as missing faces because it has bad data but at least Transmutr won’t crash!

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