FBX import - meshes broken due to wrong n-gon triangulation

I don’t know if this issue has already been covered, but you need to fix n-gon triangulation at FBX import.
In the attached model, if you zoom in a bit, you will see that grey meshes are broken in a few spots, near sharp edges. This happened due to improper n-gon triangulation.
These meshes originally came from Blender, and were created using boolean operations, not the proper sub-d workflow - thus the number of n-gons.

I was able to solve it myself in two ways:

  1. imposed Triangulate modifier on both objects before exporting them to FBX; but sometimes we don’t have access to the source models or don’t have proper software to perform such actions,
  2. used the free Universal Importer by Samuel_T, which handled triangulation properly. You can see the outcome in my model - the black meshes were imported via Universal Importer, which relies on Assimp library and MeshLab software. If he could do it, I guess it’s possible to implement here. Though I’m not a programmer.
    Source info: Universal Importer | SketchUcation

FBX import n-gon test.skp (1.9 MB)

Thanks for the bug report @michalpe
I can see the artifacts that you’re describing in the model.
I added this issue to our todo list.

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Actually, I forgot to attach the source FBX model. It may be helpful, but the forum won’t let me post it here, so I pasted it to my google drive:


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Hi @michalpe
We finally found the time to investigate your issue.

It was due to a combination of the mesh having non-planar n-gons and also very tiny faces, which caused issues when exporting.

It should work better in the next version that we’ll release soon (version 1.2.8).