FBX Problem

I have a problem with only all FBX files,
After I successfully export a FBX file, when I open it on sketchup (directly the skp file or import it on a current project, the model instantly disapear when I try to zoom on it /move closer on it. Seems like I can’t even find back the origin axe. It’s just disapear, I can see it back when I do a Zoom extends but It disapear again when I zoom in it. My model/object does not cut off, it’s just disapear.

Hi @cubze

Just to confirm, this happens for all the .fbx files?
Which version of SketchUp are you using?

Hi, yes for all my .fbx files.

Im using sketchup 2021 but I have this issue since long time, like since sketchup 2018-19

Is there anything particular about your models?
Do they jave unusual scales? (very tiny or very large)

Try to reduce “Maximum mesh scale correction” in the Options, and try again.

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Working like a charm!!! Thank you !

Note that tiny faces might disappear if you reduce it too much.