Feature Requests that have been made at Sketchucation?

What do you do with them now?

I’ve probably built a ton of them… am I going to have to migrate them myself?

Nope… we’ll find a way to get them listed here for all to see, so that we avoid duplicates. In any case they are all being considered, so nothing is lost.

No worries, they’ve all been collected. And the SketchUcation beta forum isn’t going anywhere :wink:

OK, of course this will be a natural move for Skatter. I’ll start following both until all has moved here.

Is there any way to access the Sketchucation forums as well? I can’t see it. Do I need to mail someone to get access?


Send me your Sketchucation nickname.

Does an official Todo-List already exist somewhere?
Would be very interesting.

I’ll have some sort of roadmap soon.