More library content please.

That is being worked on - no worries!

I know we had a teaser a while back, i was wondering how this pack is coming… nom nom:)

Next update will be packed with new library content :slight_smile:
Still a few weeks to go, though.

okay, hope a few is lowest number possible :wink:

Me too :slight_smile:
But I have to create proxies and materials for a bunch of render engines, for each new object. So it takes time!

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Yes, i understand that takes a lot time indeed. Very curious for the things to come!

Good luck, a bit boring job

I love the addition of “gravel” Is it possible to edit color of the gravel?
Would love to see “wood chips” for planting beds.

Thanks for providing a game changing product for SU users!


Yes you can. After loading the gravel, you can edit the material called “skatter_gravel_01”

Thanks Thomas,

Can this be performed when in the 'render only" mode?
I’m not fully grasping the method…is this spelled out in the manual?


Editing the materials is not explained in the manual. It depends on the render engines you are using. Which one is it in your case?

I’m using Thea Render. This is not a critical need on my part and please don’t distract from the features you are working on.
The gravel color/material is quite good. I’m just thinking outside the box on how to use the product.

Hmm, in the case of Thea, if you load the proxies, you would need to edit the materials in the .mod.thea file directly. Which would impact every project using the gravel. That may not be ideal?

Not a problem…I can duplicate the gravel if need be.

But if you load the gravel preset using “Full geometry”, you should be able to edit the material directly inside your SketchUp model, which won’t affect other projects.

So here’s my request: I tend to work with multiple referenced components that I periodically reload as I develop a model. My workflow is something like this:

1: Select and make components out of those regions of a model.
2: Save out component to an x-ref folder that I can dynamically reload as needed.
3: Open the model and edit skatter components there. This is where I run into issues with Skatter.

If I create different skatter lists using the “Render only” function and save the model, those lists don’t transfer when I reload to my working scene. So I’m forced to re-generate placing the proxies on the surface which can be expensive to model size even when it’s only proxy geometry.

I have two thoughts on how to remedy this - Let me know if they are impractical or if there’s a better way to manage a Skatter scene that I’m not aware of.

1: Bake the Render list with the component/scene so that it transfers when imported into another project.
2: Make it so that you can “Import Render Lists” from another scene and then re-select the referenced proxies.

This all could be just my ignorance to the product, and I would love to hear other users workflows regarding imported groups and components.

Hi Ted,

This has been on my mind for quite some time. I’m trying to find an efficient and elegant way to do it.
I have higher priority things to do first for v2, but I’ll definitely have something along those lines at some point.

You can also try to swap your host for a smaller one just for saving.