File with exsiting Skatters is hanging/crashing

SU 2018
Windows 10 (with the latest security updates)

I have a project modelled in SU 2017 that has skattered grass etc when i try to open this model in SU 2017 or SU 2018 the project loads to the point where i can see the model but then when i try to orbit or click anything the blue loading wheel comes up. It remains unresponsive for 10-15mins then if i’m lucky it will load, more often than not it will remain unresponsive only to be force quit.

I can open the file on my other PC ,which doesn’t have Skatter, and i can open the file once i remove the skatter plugin. Also if i open a blank SU all is good and i can even create a new skatter in this file and save and reopen with no issues.

I cannot roll back my windows security updates (office I.T wont allow it). Is this a known issue? is a skatter update coming?

You probably have a huge Skatter setup that takes a long time to compute.
Skatter recomputes all the “render only” setups when you open the file, so that the data can be sent to the render engine.

Could you send me the file to [email protected] ?

Thanks Thomas, yes there is a fair amount of skattered grass (although this project is not the most ive skattered). I have been able to open and save this model just fine for the last few months, then without making any changes the file is unopenable The files are large 152mb…

I think i will just put this down to a corruption, revert to an older backup and try again.
Will be in touch if i manage to repeat the error.