Final Renders using skatter grass

Greetings dear Skatters,

Please find bellow a few images I’ve produced in the past months, which I’ve used skatter mainly to integrate its great grass in my projects… Looking forward to use the new updated vegetation, as it is a really pain in the arse to find proper greenery for SU.

Software used: Sketchup (duhh!) ; Skatter ; Vray ; Photoshop

Feel free to leave your feedback !! =)

Render 01
Render 02
Render 03
Render 04
Render 05

WOw very nice images bro! Like the mood youve set. Could you tell me what kind of tex you’ve used on the water, i like it a lot.

Isnt this the scene where you had problems with the distribution with the grass, i think i recognise the building. If so it come out very very nice

Thanks a lot man ! I’m really happy you liked them =)

The first two images are exactly the ones you helped me out with the grass =)

The water I find it very difficult to make it look nice, so I basically create a new one every project and test it over and over again until I’m happy with it… I placed this one in my server in case you want to download it:
For this particular project I rendered the pool view 2 times, first with a rectangle with the water texture on it (to get the reflections from the trees), then a second render without the rectangle (only the material of the pool), then I merged them both on photoshop and played a bit with the opacity…

Let’s see how the new skatter vegetation works out in the next project I’ll be working on…

okay thanks for the texture, i got a couple water displacement textures and i make my own with after effects. But i found this very nice and subtile. Thanks a lot.

I see you got everything worked out very nice. Did you add more detail to the ground to get the grass more evenly spread?

One thing i notice now is that the reflection is different then the background. Thats correct right?

Your very welcome =)

Actually after the tips you gave me I didn’t do anything else to the grass… it ended up looking up quite nice

Very nice moods.
I’m curious now. How did you create the water map? ;D

Where are the images gone?
So frustrating!