First Impressions

HUGE thanks for developing this!

Installed and ran the 3 day demo, no problems there.

I have a bunch of OBJ files from CG Axis. I tested a plant model. Imports well.

Seeing all the edges of the faces are good when you want to visualize the simplification, but I think we need a way to turn them off because the whole model becomes black.

Is there a way to pan the viewport? I haven’t figured that out. It makes viewing a bit difficult. I really like how it has a SketchUp look to it.

I noticed that all of the materials for the plant came in with refraction all turned up. If I export it out of the box, they all came in as glass in VRay. Is it pulling this data from the mtl file for the OBJ? Maybe its the Generic material type? Will we be able to have a couple others in there? I really like the translucent one. Thats great!

I assume .MAX is proprietary and will not be able to have that as format we can convert?

It would be nice to get a progress bar or some notification when the transmute is complete. When ply2vrmesh runs it keeps the DOS window open and it just sits there and you don’t realize its actually completed.

Tested a model both with VRay and Enscape - Both worked perfectly!

If folks will be making these Transmutr models and selling them, doesn’t that open up a whole market of purchased models being converted and sold? I assume that’s something in the terms of use when you become a seller. Could be interesting to see Axyz and other sellers using this to promote and sell their content.

Thanks for your feedback!

This is a limitation for now, all edges are displayed in the preview, even the ones that will be hidden/smoothed in the SketchUp file. I’ll see if we can temporarily implement a simple switch to turn them off.

No sorry, we can’t pan for now. This is something we need to add.

Yes this means Transmutr interpreted some data from the *.mtl as refraction. Could you send me an example file at [email protected]?

Indeed, *.max is a proprietary format. But we’re thinking about integrating Transmutr as a 3dsmax plugin. Then it’ll be able to read the data directly from an open *.max file.
This is not planned in the short-term, though.

I’ll add this to our todo list.

Do you mean that the ply2vrmesh windows stays open forever, even after the Transmutr UI becomes responsive again? (button and inputs not grayed-out)

I’m not sure I understand. Are you talking about people converting copyrighted assets and reselling them without the consent of the original authors?

Yes. But to be honest our goal is to sell them Studio licenses so that they can easily convert their whole libraries to the SketchUp format. :wink:

The ply2vrmesh window opens, runs the utility but doesn’t close. Transmutr UI is responsive, I was just waiting for that DOS window to close and it never did so I did not realize it was complete.

Yes. I have seen quite of bit of things like this on 3D Warehouse and its the first thing I thought of. That people would be taking models they paid for, turning them into proxies and selling them. I assume this will get policed by you guys.

My emails keep getting rejected - " The response from the remote server was:

550 5.7.1 Relaying denied"

Can you try again now? It looks like there was an issue with our DNS configuration. I think I have fixed it.

This is not something we can control nor police. This is relevant to copyright laws. Simlab and Fluid also have SketchUp importers, I don’t think they’re anything to prevent this.
Unless you are talking about our upcoming marketplace? In this case, yes of course we will take down assets if we are made aware that they are copyrighted.

Oh yes, I meant just the marketplace.

Thanks for the feedback. We just added the ability to pan the viewport. It will be available in the next release.