First Real Skatter Render

This render was achieved with SketchUp 2016, VRAY 3.4 and Skatter.

Hope you like it :grin:


Great work on the garden, love the plant and grass setup! stunning mate…

One side note, the chair and tent are very very small if look at the plants. I know its a tent for kids but compared to the plants.

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Thank you! I know :joy: This was more like a test to see if all the plants work correctly. Plus, if you look closely, some of the plants show up inside the tent, also need to be fixed.

For the plants I used these models:

They are meant for 3DS Max but if you want to use them in SketchUp with Skatter, it takes a lot of time to export/import as VRAY proxies and remap the textures. Real quality models. Cheers!

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hello, I really like your work. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but can you explain further about the assets used. YOu mention they are for 3DS Max… Thanks