First Skatter Test, Aerial Site

Site Plan

That’s nice!! Do you have any closeups? And which render did you use?

I used Thea. I don’t have any close-ups rendered as this project is intended to sell this lot (only $4.6 million if you’re interested). I do have a small thumb-nail animation.

Web Thumbnail

This is awesome.

Holy hell, that’s awesome.

Well Done!

Looks really good.
Is that 3D grass over the whole site?

Love it! make this bigger please :wink:

Is that 3D grass over the whole site?
No, it is just a really good aerial image that I made into a non-repeating pattern. This image is being published in a newspaper, so that level of detail is unnecessary. The full resolution final (with some minor post processing is below). Note that the detail breaks down when viewed closely, but this level of detail/resolution was not the intent for the final product.

Full resolution image.

Note that this site doesn’t let you click to view the full image, you will need to right-click and open in a new window.

Is it ok if I showcase it on the Facebook page, or on the futur website gallery?

Any chance that a quick tutorial of the image can be made?