From fbx > transmutr > sketchup > model errors


I would like to play around with the demo model from kitbash3d in Sketchup / vray.

But the file from kitbash3d is one big file - and very heavy.

I therefore import the FBX into Blender, I then select one building at a time, and export it as fbx.
I then import the fbx into transmutr, and it looks just fine. I then export the model to sketchup.
But in Sketchup I get some strange model errors.

Does anyone know hos to fix this, or know an other way of working with objects from kitbash3d?


Can you send us the file to [email protected] ?

Hi Thomas

I have done that.

Jorgensen, what were the strange errors?

Hi @duanekemp

In image in the middel - from Sketchup - the floors are broken and sticks out of the building as single faces.


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I did NOT catch that. Didn’t pay as much attention as I should have. I see it now.