Full SketchUp model on export

Did we lose the feature that exported the full SketchUp model when creating proxies? Can we get a slider for that option?

Do you mean the Enscape proxy (which is just a separate SketchUp file), or the “Full Geometry” proxy preview?
Either of those should still be available.

What would this slider control?

I converted an OBJ and clicked the tick box for VRay Proxy. the export process created the vrmesh file only. It would be nice to have a tick to also include the export of the full SKP model. I thought Transmutr was doing this previously. Maybe it only does it for Enscape.

I would be nice to get the option to also export the full SKP model. Regardless of exporting the vrmesh file.

So you want to export at the same time:

  • proxy skp + vrmesh
  • full geometry skp

Is that right?
If so, just tick the Enscape Proxy switch. It generates the full geometry skp that you want. No need for a separate option.

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That works!