general question on the roadmap

hi there,

is there some sort of public roadmap for 3d bazaar?

what are the next partners whose content will be integrated?

thx for any insights :slight_smile:

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We have a few existing partners who made new contents but we haven’t found the time to upload it for now unfortunately as we’re a bit swamped between 3D Bazaar, Transmutr and Skatter :slight_smile:

There’s no public roadmap for now.

3D Bazaar is still in beta and, because it has not been very successful for now, we’re thinking about ways to steer it in a better direction. Once we decide on a strategy, we’ll be able to communicate with more details about its future.

Hi there,

Hope you guys figure out a good plan for 3D Bazaar soon. Whatever the future would be, please, please keep the ability of auto relinking the asset information. It’s a life saver to me when it works perfectly with my portable transmutr-bazaar-enscape workflow. If you can figure out how to stick thumbnails to the assets when browsing. I’m all in.

Otherwise, kudos to all your great works and good luck with your strategies.