general textures and sliders

It would be good if there were the option of being able to change the general parameter of all the textures of the model.
for example if you import a tree usually have several textures of leaves, it would be nice if you could place 1 single texture and this will be placed on all maps for example in opacity or in reflection or in diffuse.
also a general parameter to be able to modify the amount of reflection of all my materials at the same time this would be good when importing models as sofas or beds with cushions to avoid having to raise or lower each of the parameters of reflection or other

Hi @luiskreuzarq and thanks for the suggestion.

Our general philosophy regarding Transmutr is to keep things simple.

We don’t want to add too many controls to edit the model (texture or geometry) because existing 3D softwares already do this quite well. Transmutr’s scope is to be a converter that makes its users’ lives easier, not a full modelling package :slight_smile:

Of course we’re always welcoming feedback, so if more users express an interest in this kind of features in the future, we could add them to our Todo list when Transmutr is more mature.