Generate native Enscape Assets


In the next version (2.9) Enscape will support Custom Assets, which are in GTLT format, which is more efficient than skp.

Enscape will have a build in way to import obj and fbx assets, but Transmutr supports more formats and I believe it will still have a more powerful interface than the build in Custom Asset Editor of Enscape.

So would it be possible for Transmutr to export directly to a Custom Enscape Asset, instead of (or in addition to) a skp proxy?


This is great news! Indeed, if we can, we would rather support a format more efficient than SKP.

Do you know where we can find more information on this? I could only find this page mentioning it, which doesn’t give a lot of information.

They had a more info about it in the thread for 2.9+2, but when they released 2.9+3 they removed the 2.9+2 thread.

Here is a cached version of that page:

Thanks a lot!

The Custom Asset Library has been released:

It would be great if we could use Trunsmutr to generate Enscape assets, especially for assets with reduced poly count.

This is something we will look into. But it’s very different from what Transmutr already generates.
There are also a lot of constraints regarding the file location, etc.

But we will definitely try it after the release of Skatter v2 :slight_smile: