Generate native Enscape Assets


In the next version (2.9) Enscape will support Custom Assets, which are in GTLT format, which is more efficient than skp.

Enscape will have a build in way to import obj and fbx assets, but Transmutr supports more formats and I believe it will still have a more powerful interface than the build in Custom Asset Editor of Enscape.

So would it be possible for Transmutr to export directly to a Custom Enscape Asset, instead of (or in addition to) a skp proxy?


This is great news! Indeed, if we can, we would rather support a format more efficient than SKP.

Do you know where we can find more information on this? I could only find this page mentioning it, which doesn’t give a lot of information.

They had a more info about it in the thread for 2.9+2, but when they released 2.9+3 they removed the 2.9+2 thread.

Here is a cached version of that page:

Thanks a lot!