Generation Bug

SketchUp version : 2020
Skatter version (Skatter dialog > Options > About) : 1.4.15
OS : Windows 10 x64
Description of the issue : When I select an object in the library, i can’t use it : when i Select a face, nothing is generated even with " preview " button, if I render, nothing happens. Furthermore, when I select an object and then i want to place it by " Point " option, my sketchup crash everytime… Someone can help me please ? :cry: Have a nice day, Lucas. ( Sorry for my bad English, I’m French )
Are you able to reproduce the issue every time? (If yes, how?) : Use library, Select point etc… All.
Error in Ruby Console? (Window > Ruby Console) :

Hi Lucas,

This could be a license issue.
Are you using the 15 days demo, or do you have a license?

Hi ! It seems like a license, but I don’t have pay the plugin, a friend give the plugin file to me ! The license is in the screen below. Thanks you !

Ok so this is expected behavior.

You can go to Extensions > Skatter > Deactivate license. Then you can either start the 15 days demo, or purchase and activate a genuine license.

Okay ! Thanks, I didn’t know it was a crack version ! I understand why it’s not working, Thanks you for help :slight_smile: