Grass and trees render very dark


I am not sure if this is vray or skatter issue, so I will post it on both forums :slight_smile: . I am using skatter grass in my rendering and it always turns out too dark? Does anybody has same issue?

Sketchup Pro 2018, Vray 3.6.04, latest Skatter

Many thanks!



It looks right to me considering the lighting of the scene.
Have you tried in a sunny day context?

Yes, I have tried evening lighting. But in my opinion, looks still too dark. There is easy fix in photoshop, I am just trying to reduce steps in post-processing.

raw render -

PP render -


Evening lighting is still a context where there’s not much light. The sun is low, so it’s not as bright and there is lots of shadows in the foliage.
The materials were created by testing many different lighting conditions and getting it as best as possible that way.

Many thanks for swift response. I have tried also sunny daylight, noon, And this is the result. Just want to make sure this is expected result.

Thanks again.