Grass is black when rendered!

Hello, I’m very new to Skatter and have come across what appears to be black grass from the Skatter library! The short grass works fine but when rendering medium and long grass they appear black! Have I got the wrong settings!

Thanks in advance

Which render engine are you using?

vray 2.0

Vray 2.0 is known to be buggy. You should try Vray 3.4 beta.

Can you try in a brand new file?

works fine on a fresh model! I tried vray 3.4 but couldn’t get on with it as I like to see the white boxes render the image so you can see the progress! (My ocd) :0)

Hi Thomas,

Is there a tutorial manual available for Skatter?


Vray 3.4 can also render using buckets. Progressive is now the default, but you can switch.

The Skatter manual is here :

Thanks Thomas

Hello, same problem here!
Grass working perfectly until this morning.
Everything is fine in a new file but is it possible to “repair” the grass in the “damaged” one?
Copying everything in a new file now would be a huge problem actually…

Try to delete the Skatter components in the Components window. Then delete the materials as well.
Then try to load the grass presets from the library again.