Grass Reflection?

Hi, Sorry cannot post at beta stage bug report section.
Not sure what is happening to water reflection, for sure
this is the grass texture from skatter lib?

Well… THAT is weird!

Which render engine are you using?

my first guess would be:
You have created a transparend water surface, but did not build the ground of the pond.

Therefore what we see could be the view through the transparent water onto the HDR image you are using as background…
(are you using an HDRI with grass as background?)

Thanks Thomas, Jakob
I did built pond as water tight, I did check and outer faces were transparent material;(
Now it is working . Sorry for the false alarm!
Skatter is great for a beta stage Thank you. I am using Thea for sketchup render.
Just realized using sketchup “section cut” it will render as CUT Render! See attached