Grasses from globe plants in 3d bazzar

Hi Lindale

As you already know i like the 3d bazzar and the options it offer, i hope to see more assets in the near future.

The skkater 2 grass looks really nice, it is better than the skkater 1 grass.

I would like to ask you this:

In the 3d bazzar appears some grass from globe plants.

I saw an icon with the sign of skkater 2, this means that the grass from globe plants is already ready to use like the tall or short grass from you own skkater grass?

I dont have to pick each one and do the skkater?
Is already automatic?

I would like to buy at least 2 grasses from 3d bazzar but the sign of skkater means that this is ready to use like your own skkater grass?

The kikuyo grass from globe plants looks really nice, do you have renders to see how does it looks?

Thanks Lindale

Hi @Luis_Gamino

When the Skatter logo is displayed on an asset, it means that the asset comes with preconfigured Skatter compositions so yes, you will be able to scatter them out of the box.

When there is no Skatter logo, you have to create compositions yourself (which is actually quite a quick process:) )