Green Roof / sedum - get color from texture

I’m trying to create a sedum roof.

I have found a texture that I added to a surface. Is there a way to to get skattered objects to pick the color from the texture they are added to?

Any input on how to create a sedum roof fast / easy is welcome :slight_smile:


This is not possible in Skatter v1, but a similar feature will be available in Skatter v2.

What rendering engine are you using? There might be a solution

Hi Thomas

I use Vray.

Here is a quick test with V-Ray 5.
It’s a material with a noise map in the Diffuse slot. The key is to set the “Texture Placement” to “3D (World Space)”. More info here

Here is the skp file: green roof.skp (505.3 KB)

Of course the cubes should be replaced by the plant models of your choice.


that’s pretty cool to know.
Wondering if it works the same way with Thea.
But, good question… GREAT answer.

I haven’t actively used Thea for a while, so I’m a bit rusty. But I’m pretty sure it’s also possible in Thea.

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Thanks Thomas

It works just fine - not sure why, but it works.

very clever