Green Wall still impossible - will V2 solve this

Given Vray has updated I have tried to render the green wall tutorial again but its still plagued by geometry location issues. see below advertised render versus straight out of the box render from the paid for files. Will this be resolved in V2 - otherwise I am not sure this works as a product? as you can see geometry is missing and separated

Unfortunately this V-Ray issue is out of our control. There is nothing we can do about it (we wish we could fix it ourselves…)
The best you can do is report it to Chaos Group and provide examples and assets they can use to reproduce the issue.

The pack and scene you purchased are made for Thea. I just tested and it renders in Thea exactly as the image. In Thea there are no issues with the geometry.

Good luck with Chaos group, hope they solve this as many folk are looking at Vray now that Thea has gone rentalware.