Help needed on skkaters object that moved away

Hey there,

Today I was just finishing my landsacpe project and when I rotated components to face it north I have noticed that all of the scatters objects moved away from its hosts… and what is strange they scatter all over the project. They are still conected to hosts but they appears in totally various places. Is there an option to get them back? I tried to remove and then pick up the host again but only one of them got back on place.

Is it an error or we shouldnt rotate or move the components that are hosts?

Please help, I have been working on it for few hours or more…

Does this help?

Hey Thomas,
It solved half of my problem. Thank you.
Any idea if I can move skatter object after they regenerate in one place?

For example, when I use rectangle component, and I want to move it somewhere with skatter that is made on it, is there an option to connect them? Now, when I move it, skatter stays where the were primary made.

If you move a host surface, go back to Skatter’s Render List, highlight the affected setups, and click on the Update button. This should recompute the setups with the new location of the surface.