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I used Skatter trees on a host surface, then edited their group to HIDE (not delete) one tree in one specific scene, which was consequently updated in SketchUp (the tree was in the way for that view angle).
In ordinary SketchUp, the hidden object would stay hidden only in that scene and show normally in the others.
With Skatter, the object was hidden in all other scenes: is there a way to have Skatter objects behave as SketchUp objects in such a case?

When “Render only” is unticked and objects are generated in the model, they are regular SketchUp components. There is absolutely no difference.

Actually, it works only if I explode the trees group in question: than I can hide some of them, update that page, and keep seeing them in the other pages.
That also means one cannot edit that play list anymore!

By the way, where are the render lists of a project gone?
When I opened the project to check the above, I thought I would also open Skatter to check if the “Render only” is unclicked, like you said (which it was): but no more render lists!?!
I thought a project always remembers its’ playlists…

After checking an earlier saved copy of the project, the render lists were there.
The main project was probably altered (and lost its render lists) when I had to brutally shut down the PC to abort a for ever rendering with TWILIGHT: sometimes there is no other way to stop a long render!

Remains the question of not having to explode the Skatter group of objects in order to hide some in some scenes.



I just tested with components nested in a group, generated withOUT Skatter, I see the same behavior. So it is not related to Skatter, it’s just the way SketchUp works.

As for the Render List, it displays only the “Render Only” setups.

Yes, you are right on both subjects.
Thank you for the fast response!

Why not put it on a layer and then hide that layer. Put it on a layer in the skatter panel, see skatter group tab.

Good thinking, thanks!
Skatter group tab in SU Structure. I’ve created a “Hide” layer, put the chosen tree on it, updated the page: it works.

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