Host: Pick Individual points

I have looked around for tips and tutorials but I cannot understand what I am doing wrong.
I am attempting to randomize the scale and rotation about the Z-axis of trees on my site.
I choose “Pick individual points” under hosts, then I choose all the points on the site where trees will be placed. I choose the tree object under “Scattered objects”, set my scale and rotation parameters, but when I generate, the trees are all over the site. What I am I doing incorrectly? I am not sure if I am using the correct “Distribution”, but I already set where I wanted the trees to go since in this case I am only wanting to randomize the scale and rotation of the objects, not randomize their location throughout the site. If anyone could point out my error, I would appreciate it. If you need any other information before answering, please ask and I will respond ASAP.

Thanks for this extension. I look forward to learning more about who to use it.


Are you sure your tree components/groups have the base-point in the center?


Thank you for your response. My tree group did not have the base-point in the center. I corrected that and will retry.

Again, thank you for helping me!

EDIT: That fixed my problem! Thanks again!