House at the end of the drive

This is a wee project I’ve been playing around with for a year or so in my spare time. It went on the backburner, as nothing like skatter existed and it was too difficult to achieve what I wanted to at that time.

The house itself is based on the Storm Cottage by Fearon Hay architects, based here in NZ - the original setting is far more impressive, and something I wish to replicate in time. This is far from complete - I need to get some props in the house and I’ve probably gone a bit OTT with the trees (all Xfrog) but it was a lot of fun - I’ll use this thread to update as I go.

Render time was something obscene like 12-15 hours on a 4970, 32gb ram (was crashing so had to restrict!) machine.

SKP 2015 and V-Ray.

No post-pro as I’m lazy.

I can’t see your image hosted on Dropbox, could you rehost it on Imgur or something like that?

Does this work? Unsure how to edit my original post…

Also - that should say 4790, not 4970!

That’s a very nice start!