House in the woods

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Wow!!! Tomasz it looks amazing. the only thing is missing are the tires trucks on the dirt road :wink:

Can I ask you a couple of questions? What rendering software are you using and where did you get those trees and rocks? they are not in Skatter right?

Thank you!
I am using v-ray for Sketchup. This was some simple hdri rendering setting + some photoshop and lightroom for the final result.
Grass and pine trees are Evermotion models. I placed them using Skatter.
The rocks are some boulders I have found in 3d warehouse.

I also like the mood and setting. Vegetation and concrete are beautiful!

The only minor critic is the car seems to have just come from the carwash machine and I think it could be a bit dirty due to the setting… :slight_smile:

Hello Tomasz,

Great image!

You mentioned above that you placed models into the scene from Evermotion. Can you elaborate on your process for actually importing the files into SketchUp Pro? I’m assuming you export an OBJ with textures from a 3D application and then import into SketchUp Pro with a plugin like FluidImporter to maintain UV’s. Thanks in advance for your response.

Those Evermotion models are saved in .max format. I had to open them in 3dsmax and then I created a vray proxies.
After that, I was able to import them into Sketchup through Vray plugin. I had to apply the textures again, but that was rather simple- the UV’s were maintained.
Skatter did the rest:)

Did you get those bolders also from evermotion?

No. I have found them in 3d warehouse.
Sorry for the late reply:)

Very cool and realistic man