House of my dream


2 more pictures

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stunning design man, looks really nice

whats your renderer


and the renderer?

This is an amazing design and location. Is this a real - going to be built project?

Would love to see SKP vs Render for the last two images you posted :wink:

Thanks for the feedback! No, it will not be built, this is my fantasy yet at the third year of the institute. With the advent of the scatterer I decided to revive the picture for the portfolio.
Photo from sketchup

Scatter objects are in the scene, because the file was transferred to the renderer of the farm, where there was no scatter and my libraries

Looks great! Where did you get your skies? Did you use a secondary light source in addition to the sky?

BUt they did have skatter right, looks like quite a heavy scene to move around and adjust. How was that done or did you keep items separated?

Wow!!! It looks very cool!