How can i change the default bump value in ensacpe " 3 " after import fbx to transmutr

Dear Thomas,
Currently I am using transmutr to export data from fbx to sketchup my rendering software is enscape ( I usually use large models such as bed , mattress , sofa , decoration )
After i put fbx into transmutr i will proxy directly in transmutr (basic values ​​that work between transmutr and enscape i already know ) then i would love to use direct proxy to get proxyed model into project , but the values ​​are always to default for example :

  • roughness " 1"
  • bump " 3 "
  • normal " 1 " = enscape " 100 %"
  • metalic " 0 "
  • specular “0.5”
    Then i found " material.xml " file in transmutr install folder , i can only change metalic and specular values, i can’t change the rest values ​​i really want to change value for example bump i want " 1 " ( to be more realistic ) . I really wanted to do this because opening a proxyed model in sketchup is great but opening a large model without a proxy is my nightmare and I regularly update my 3dmax library for enscape . please give me the solution, thanks a lot thomas

I’m afraid there is no way to edit these values for now. They are hard-coded in the Transmutr code, and are not exposed to the user in any way.

We will discuss internally if we can expose this in the UI in some way.

In the meantime, I can send you a special version with the values you want. Send an email to [email protected] with exactly the values you want changed. Unfortunately you will be stuck on that version, as I cannot do it for every update.