How to Commit changes to painted area

I am certain it will be fairly obvious yet i can’t figure it out. I go through the steps of setting up and area which i specify to “not include”. Then i paint on it some areas for skattering, that works fine. however, if i later go back to edit the area, is not clear to me how to commit the changes so that the new painted areas are recognized. it has taken me several tries to get the new revised areas recognized by the render engine (vray 2.0). I notice there is a “refresh areas” button in the paint areas panel. Do i need to hit that after repainting areas?
Any help is appreciated.

I’m not sure I understand what you are doing. Do you think you could do a small gif or video of your issue?

The Refresh Area icon is only useful if you move or change the geometry of curve and object areas.

Ok I will try to post something more specific when I can sit at my computer again, probably tomorrow. I was finding that changes to painted areas were not “sticking” for some reason. I did manage to make the changes to painted areas work but I am not sure what step I skipped before. I’ll post a gif as soon as I can.

Have you hit “(Re)Generate” button?

@JQL thanks, I think that was the missing step.

No problem… used to happen to me too!