How to edit skatter object after "render only" has been checked

I am trying to edit a skatter object that was made using the “render only” feature, except i cant see it in the scene to be able to select it. It seems to show up in the Outliner as both hidden and locked. Is there a simpler way to get to the object to be able to edit it?

Open the Skatter dialog and click on the render list tab. Select the Skatter you want to edit and click “edit” next to the name. Then go back to the first settings tab and change whatever you like.


Great! Thanks.

I got a question about this as well. Ive noticed on mac as soon as i click “Render Only”. The list under “Render List” disappears, it seems to make this preset destructive instead of non-destructive.

As soon as i select render only and press re-generate the list is gone.

I’m not sure I understand, can you make a small gif of the issue happening?


When you use the “render only” option but than generate it real mesh. The group is lost, but i now understand thats regular method. If i later right click “Edit Skatter Group” i can set it back to render only again.

I didnt understand the second tab was for render only at first. I didnt wathc the complete starting tutorial :slight_smile:

Sorry for miscommunication