How to import laubwerk plants into Sketchup?

I purchase Laubwerk Plants kit 2 in Ronen’s site. I know that Laubwerk is currently compatible with Sketchup and Skatter.

Is it a standalone plugin for Sketchup? I want to tweak them directly and scatter them with skatter.It will be so cool.

Or I have to transform these plants into skp file and make them V-ray proxies? That’s fine, I just want to get it work,Put them in Skatter Library.And I can use them whenever I want.

FP comes along with lots of beautiful plants and shurbs from HQ plants, Just envy about that for a long time.

I want laubwerk! Very want it!!!

It works with Skatter like any other object : just load a plant in the model using the Laubwerk player, then pick this plant in Skatter as a “Scattered Object”.

I downloaded the 1.0.22 version(Laubwerk player for sketchup now is only implemented in the latest freebie version) and it works!

I can drag and drop these plants, just so cool ! I am working on a laptop at home without a dongle so I can not test it with V-ray for sketchup public beta. However, I will give it a try tomorrow~

Thank you for your reply

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Vray 3.4 is free for now, you don’t need a dongle.


Thank you very much for pointing that out

But I always faied to check out GUI license, such a pain in my ass,I dont want to bother myself anymore

Just hope a much more stable version that will finally come out,and t render farm in my country will support for the latest in the near future.

Thanks for your reply!

Wait how do you get those laubwerk plants to show up in sketchup?

I have sketchup, skatter, thea and the freebie pack from laubwerk installed but I don’t have any ‘laubwerk player plugin’ that shows up in sketchup. Did I miss something? Do we need to have 3dsmax installed?

Go to Window > Preferences > Extensions and make sure that Laubwerk is enabled.

Thanks Thomas, I forgot to look there. I have the plugin now.
When will we be able to render them with thea?

Take a look at this : [DONE] : Laubwerk for SketchUp and Studio >>RV480+ - Page 11 - Thea Render Forum

my download did not include a player for sketchup. how do I get the laubwerk player for sketchup?

Laubewerk player for Sketchup is only included in the version 1.00.22

The latest Freebie kit contains the sketchup plugin,so just check your Laubewerk account ,download and install it

And then you can install the plants you’ve purchased to Laubewerk folder

you can get some information from this topic:GO GET IT! SALE & UPDATE WITH SKETCHUP SUPPORT

Hope these can help you !