how to? linear or radial transitions


hi All - I would like to create a transition like shown in the link below with Skatter and have no idea what I have to adjust at which position within Skatter. Since it’s a regular tiling I suspect that I need to use any grid setting and any falloff setting as well to produce a decreasing density of each tile in one direction or also a radial decreasing density instead of linear - I hope that someone here has an idea and can help me? Or is Skatter probably not the right approach for such a task?


Yes you can do that with Skatter.

You can do it with two Skatter setups:

  • One for the base (white) tiles covering the whole surface. (Actually, it’s probably better to use a texture map for this, as it will limit the amount of geometry, and it will look the same)
  • One for the blue tiles, with the tiles components being a tiny bit thicker than the white ones, so that we can see them. This Skatter setup has a clipping area with an inverted density falloff.

Here is an example file. Right click on the tiles and click “Edit Skatter group”, so that you can see the settings.
tiles.skp (2.9 MB)


1000x thank you !! - this is exacly what I was searching for :slight_smile:


again, thank you Thomas for your support :smiley:. Finally I found the time to look at your prima solution approach in detail.

When I open your file and select your tiles-Skatter group - what do I have to do to see the settings you used here? Whatever I select, the skatter window remains empty…




:grinning::grinning: ouch - so embarrassing for me :point_up:
Thanks !!!


No problem, that was easily missed :wink: