How to order without VAT?

I would like to buy the update to Skatter v2, but when i start the order process, i get the price incl. VAT.
Is there a way to add a VAT-ID before checkout, to get the price without VAT?

Hi @numerobis
Before completing the purchase, there should be an “Add VAT Number” link like in this screenshot.


Thanks for your reply. I’ve tried it now, but it doesn’t work. I get the notice, that i have to insert a valid VAT number. The ID i have looks like this: “DE111111111” (DE+9 numbers). I have it since more than 10 years now and i’ve used it several times for purchases in the EU. So i think it should be valid. Not sure what the problem is about.

Hi @numerobis

Unfortunately we have no control over this.

Please contact Paddle, our payment processor, about this: [email protected] (it’s their website that appears when purchasing our products).They will answer your question.

Thanks, but it looks like it’s too late now. The offer seems to be over. So, no V2 for me, i think…