How to share custom Skatter library (Thea Render)

I have created a custom Skatter library. It was built from 12 components (12 leaf models). It was saved to:


The files contained there are named like:
LeavesOakCarpet_12Models.sklib (one file)
LeavesOakCarpet_12Models.png (one file)
LeavesOakCarpet_12Models1.skp - LeavesOakCarpet_12Models12.skp (12 files)

For a total of 14 files.

This library was created in Sketchup starting with accessing 12 leaf models through the Thea Browser part of the Thea for Sketchup plugin. These models were stored in:

D:\Users\David\AppData\Local\Thea Render\Models\Leaves

and there are two files for each leaf named like:

For a total of 2 x 12 = 24 files in that folder.

Now the question: I have determined that if the .mod.thea file are moved, then the Skatter library is broken. I thought that if I moved the .mod.thea files (and the .mod.skp files) to the same folder as the .sklib file, then the Skatter library would work again, but this does not seem to work. This trick usually works with other Thea Render files - for example, if a texture can’t be found at its original location, Thea will look in the folder where the calling .mat.thea file resides.

The main problem I have is that I want to share my Skatter library with other users, but how can that be done given the portability problems? I note that in the libraries supplied with Skatter, there are .mod.thea files mixed in to the main Skatter library (C:\ProgramData\Skatter\Library). How did you make this work? What would be the recommended workflow for creating a shareable user library?


This will work in the next Thea version :