i cannot export imported model


i got huge problems with exporting allready imported fbx file ,
it has exactly 3.500.000 triangles and around 200 mb of file size
it was done by drone so contains specitic texture baked for each triangle and combined into one huge texture map.

now , its quite challenging to import that fbx file , it takes around 10 min but exporting or should i say transmutting takes forever …

can you add some meter of progress to be sure program is working and it just take a “while” or even better for this time , help me to get that fbx into skp 2019 ?

Hi @jan1
I’m not surprised that such a heavy model takes an eternity to convert.

Without simplification if will probably be way too heavy sor SketchUp so I guess you simplified it a lot? What’s the target triangle count?


problem is , this is an simplified version , made from many photos from drone

it was done by another program but its quite large area with woods and houses lets say typical countryside from eastern europe /lets say 2 km times 0,5 km /

but i can ensure you another plugin which i am testing right now is capable to import fbx file in full size , ofc in sketchup i have hard time to pan or rotate /got 3080ti/
but its possible to import THIS fbx file without much time /30 min for that plugin /
so can you look at it if i will send you my fbx file ?
ofc it must be done in discrete way …

st 27. 10. 2021 o 10:24 merwan via Lindalë forums <[email protected]> napísal(a):

I can check if there’s something to do to load it faster if you send it to [email protected].

i will do it by some free transfer service from next country from mine …

edit : file sent by uschovna.cz transfer service

I took a look at the model and it is indeed huge! It opens up in Transmutr after a few seconds but the export takes ages, as you described.

The specific part of the export that is so slow is when Transmutr creates SketchUp geometry. The SDK provided by SketchUp runs some algorithm to ensure that the geometry that we give it is valid. It’s fast enough for most models but when you have that much geometry, it starts to add up and takes a lot of time. Because it’s a functionality provided by SketchUp, we don’t have control over its speed.

One way to speed things up is to simplify the model (our simplification happens before the slow part):

  • 99% simplification takes a few seconds but quality is obviously degraded
  • from 90% up, it’s still relatively quick to export and the quality might be OK, depending on your use case

Another way to export this data would be to split it into tiles (something like 200x200m squares) but that’s a bit of manual work and doesn’t seem very convenient.

What’s the other plugin you’re using to export the model?

it s simLab fbx importer …

edit : importer not exporter