Icons Presets


it’s a minor matter, but I understand the icons should be the other way around.
Arrow up: Save Preset
Down arrow: Load Preset



Should they?

I think it’s a matter of convention. We find both ways on the internet or in software.
The arrow down is often used to indicate “saving on disk”.


In my convention, when I’m in Transmutr,
I send the preset to disk :arrow_up:
I load the preset from the disk :arrow_down:
But you know more than me.:wink:

I opened the thread, because in the first time I wanted to save a preset, I did it with the arrow up :roll_eyes:


To other people reading this thread, what’s your opinion on this?



Personal preference:

  • Arrow down to save (we move the data down to the disk)
  • Arrow up to load (retrieving the buried data)

It seems like a common convention (search for save/load icon examples on Google for instance) :wink:


UPload and DOWNload……with arrow directions indicating accordingly, seems to be easier to remember.


But you download to disk, or you download to the app? :wink:


Makes sense to me too. But… will work of course with what is given.


Bugga….ya got me there…!!!

I’m with Duanekemp….I’ll work with whatever is given :slightly_smiling_face:


for me, to the App… :smiley: