I'm losing Skatter when I import a file

Hi there,

I have a file in Sketchup that I knew was going to get to big for my computer so to work better I spitted in 3, I have a land file, a deck file and a house file. All 3 of them are imported in an assembly file so when I need to change stuff I don’t need to open the assembly BUT when I add plants in the land file and update that file in the assembly I don’t get those items. Am I doing something wrong? Looks like they are there, the material get to Vray but they don’t render. Is that not possible to do?


Currently this is not supported in v1. The Skatter “Render Only” setups need to be created in the file that is used to start the render.

We will probably support this workflow in v2.

Hi Thomas thanks for the quick reply, any idea on a date of the release of v2?

Not yet, sorry