Import composition with paths


I have created a complex Skatter composition (as a template) with multiple vray proxies that are located on my server. I am unable to import it into a project file.

First, I would prefer not to export the composition with the assets, creating duplicates on my server that take up space unnecessarily.

That said, the exported composition (with assets) does not maintain any links to the proxy files when it is imported into a new file. Each individual proxy need to be relinked manually, which is time consuming.

As a work around, I first imported the template SketchUp file, which brings in all the assets with their links to the proxy and materials. But the Skatter composition in the template file is not imported, and when I import the exported Skatter composition, it imports duplicate assets that are not linked to the original proxies.

Any ideas?

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When importing the composition back through Skatter, it should automatically rewrite the paths.
Could you send me the generated .skatter file at [email protected] ?

That said, you can choose to not export the assets, and manage them yourself. When exporting the composition from the Compositions Manager, disable the “Export Scattered Objects” checkbox.

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