Import/Export for Blender?


I’m starting to find I’m using Blender a lot more. Is there a chance .blend files could be supported? Since its an open source file type my assumption is you could potentially support it, but I could be wrong.


We plan to add new formats in future updates.
.blend is on that list :wink: We can’t promise anything, but we’ll do our best.


Import and export would be great, having transmutr as link between both would be awesome. I think I would use the skp>blend more then blend>skp. Is that on your list too?


No, we have no plan to make Transmutr for Blender, for now.


Having the ability to read and write blend files would be awesome though! I still haven’t seen a good SketchUp importer for blender. Not that I expect you guys to make one, but its definitely something I would use.


And that said…

I did just come across this:

Don’t know how well it works yet, but, worth a try!


Reading *.blend files is on our list!


I know, I’m really looking forward to it!