Import .fbx does not recognize .mtl file (Mac)

I am very excited to be able to use the Mac version of transmutr. In my first few tests though I’m having trouble getting Transmutr to recognize the .mtl file from the folder and therefore no textures are being applied to the model.

I’ve linked the model I’m having trouble with below. Let me know if you have any additional questions!

I’m running Sketchup Pro 2019 Version 19.3.252 and Transmutr 1.2.0-beta.4!

Link to .obj:

Hi Casey,

The .mtl file is recognized by Transmutr, but the issue is that it doesn’t contain any information regarding textures. You can open the .mtl with Notepad or another text editor, and you will see that there is nothing about texture files in there.

Do you know how the .obj and .mtl files were created? Did you export them yourself?

Hi Thomas,

Thank you for looking into this and getting back to me so quickly. I downloaded the model as a free obj offline just to test transmutr.

After downloading a few others I’ve been able to successfully transmute fbx and obj files easily. It’s such a powerful tool! Thank you for all of your hard work. Looking forward to Skatter 2 too!

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