Import from Bazaar into current Skatter objects list

I’ve just acquired Skatter 2. Skatter 1 was great and I honestly didn’t feel the need for V2. However, I couldn’t pass the Black Friday promo and I’m very glad I did. It’s a huge difference in speed and workflow.

Very nice!

I just bumped against my first FR though.

I was working on a Skatter and worked and did all work except adding an object to skatter. I decided to try and download one from bazaar. Once I did, it created a new Skatter. However, this is not what I was expecting. I was expecting that either this object would be inserted in model so I could select it as a Skatter object or that it would get directly inserted into my current skatter.

So the FR is the following:

  • When using 3D Bazaar while working on a Skatter, ask wether the object should be inserted in the current Skatter or Create a new Skatter from the object;
  • When using 3D Bazaar while Skatter tool is inactive, ask wether you want to create a new Skatter or insert the object in the model.
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Thanks again for the constructive feedback!

About this request: we already had some users telling us that automatically creating a new composition when importing from 3D Bazaar is not always the expected outcome so it’s definitely something that we want to adjust in the future in terms of user experience.
We’ll take your suggestions into account.

Some 3D Bazaar assets (especially those that are part of the free Skatter library) sometimes only offer to import a composition. This creates a new composition because the .skatter file contains objects but also a few preset parameters so that the composition looks good (density, etc…).

Other assets additionally allow to import raw models. In that case, you can select the model with the File “selector”, and if you pick an skp then it will just be placed in the model and you can add it to an existing composition.

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That makes sense, but maybe it could be more intuitive or clearer?

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I agree! We’ll work on this.

3D Bazaar is still a beta version actually so we plan to enhance a few things regarding the UI and also performance.

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