Import from megascan, being able to choose a LOD as simplified geometry

Import from megascan Quixel bridge works fine!
But it will be nice to be able to choose a high LOD as a simplified version for the generation of proxy. And that for all the variations.
I think that will be a big plus because the simplification often generates less faithful meshes than a LOD with the same number of vertices.
What do you say ?
Thanks to the team

We will discuss it internally.

In the meantime, you can probably get the same result by doing it in two steps:

  1. Transmute the LOD variant
  2. Then transmute the high-poly variant, select “SketchUp file” in the “Placeholder” field, and set the path to the .skp file of the LOD.

Thank you Thomas for your answer, it’s a solution!
when i chose the lod 5 for a plant, it was a “cross faces”. The albedo map is with a black background and even if I fill in the visibility map, transmutr does not generate a png on a transparent background.
i have to edit the albedo on transparent background in photoshop.
It would be interesting for this to be automated.
I do not know if this is feasible thank you