Importing an FBX File Takes Ages with no results


Cannot import an FBX FIle 300 MB. The progress bar keep s moving for over an hour with no results.

SKIMP imports the same file almost instantly.

Wondoes 10 Entr
Nvidia Quadro TRX 5000 12 Gb
Latest Transmutr
SU 2020 Pro

Thank you in advance for any assistance.

Could you send us the file to [email protected] ?
You can use a free hosting service like WeTransfer.


The requested fike was sent several days ago with the Wetransfer link.

I just double-checked, and we didn’t receive your email. It’s not in the spam folder either.

Can you try to send it again? Maybe from another email address?


I have just sent the file in question via wetransfer.
Thank you.

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Thank you, I will look at it today.

Ok so, on my machine the same issue occurs.
It seems to be related to the 3D Preview in Transmutr. Maybe there is some piece of geometry that it’s not able to process.

I will investigate further.

Thank you very much for taking your precious time.

This is not so important in my case.
The file I have had reworked.
It seems that there are some tiny elements ffsr, far away from the main structure in the fbx scene coming from 3ds max.

I have another observation.
Whilst I can place a file, drag into a Transmutr autonome program, out of dketchup with success it canot be achieved from Sketchup via plugin.
The only way to bring the file there is to browse button/method.

Thank you once more for your helpfulness.

Could it be because when you drag the file, the mouse cursor first goes over the SketchUp viewport which makes it try to import the file?
Does it work when Transmutr is full screen?