Importing Skatter group between models?

I have two models and was planning to copy and paste in place my skatter group from one to another. However, I am unable to select my skatter group since it is render-only.

Is there a way to import an entire render-only skatter group from one model to another and keep the clipping area the same? Whenever I save to library, the clipping area setting is not saved.

If you temporarily disable “Render Only”, and generate the setup in the model*, this will give you a group that you can copy from one file to the other.
Then right-click on the group and “Edit Skatter Group”. Skatter will complain that it can’t find the host, simply pick the new host in the Hosts list.

*You can select a smaller host surface before generating in the model, to keep it lightweight.

Thank you so much!

This will be updated in v2 to right. I believe we had this conversation before. The problem with loosing the host is that you loose the setup.

If we can relink the host with the original it would be great