impossible to generate something.

Hi everybody, I’ve a problem with skatter and sketchup 2021

**SketchUp version :2021
Skatter version (Skatter dialog > Options > About) : 1.4.21
OS : windows 10 64 bits
Description of the issue : When i try to generate trees or grass nothing appears in sketchup. In the render list i’ve nothing too. With sketchup 2019 all works perfectly.
Are you able to reproduce the issue every time? (If yes, how?) : I’ve this problem all the time. I tried to start new projet, i make plane, i group this plane, i start skatter, i select my trees, i select my group for the host, and nothing too…
Error in Ruby Console? (Window > Ruby Console) :

Thanks in advance to help me.

Do you have a license or are you running the demo?

Hi Thomas, i’ve a licence.

Please try this:

  • Restart SketchUp
  • Open the Ruby Console from the Extensions > Developer menu (or Window menu on older versions), and leave it open.
  • Try to use Skatter again
  • Tell me what appears in the Ruby Console
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Hi thomas,

i’ve this :

---- Skatter 1.4.21 ----
Skatter 1
Processing surface 0L8OXQsqL85ATOdYpnsvT0
Sent surface to C++ : 0.0007431 s
Generate points : 0.4226878 s
Number of generated points : 1139978
Project points : 1.834183 s
Number of projected points : 467453
Seed and def points : 0.0058423 s
Scale points : 0.0002319 s
Area points : 4.8707041 s
Number of areaed points : 0

Generate bounding boxes & transformations : 0.0002461 s
Skatter V-Ray exporter subscribed to V-Ray context VRay::Context
Scatter objects : 0.0002591 s
Total number of points : 0
View redraw : 0.1111716 s
Total : 7.2949811 s
------ End ------

It looks like a license issue. Can you send your license key to [email protected] (not here in the forums), so that I can try on my machine?