Indeed with ECOMODULS - DIY eco timber modular house


The image doesn’t seem to show… This should be better: ECOMODULS - house
The image was made with the skatter library and the new laubwerk free one on Vray 3 beta and a reaaally limited computer :slight_smile:

Image is missing

The image link gives a 403 error. I guess it’s only accessible by your google account?

Damn it!
What about now?

Well… Drive definitely doesn’t want to work…!

Lovely mood

This is beautiful! nice work!
What do you consider a limited computer? Seems like it can handle a pretty large grassfield and a fair amount of high poly trees!

Well… it’s got an old i5 processor, a superb GeForce 210 and a full 8Gb of RAM! I was able to render these at a quite low resolution thanks to a bit of distributed rendering using another beast like mine. The major problem was that I couldn’t really test out the vegetation layout and parameters as it would take half an hour to get a small crappy preview. It was still better than my laptop though…:slight_smile: We really need to invest in something more up to date…