Indigo Rendering support for Skatter...I have fresh news for you!

Hi dear developers,
I have good news indeed…

Let me know when it’s all officially done…please! :wink:


Yes I posted on the Indigo forums under the name “jiminy-billy-bob” :wink:

Finally…“We” did it !!!

Hi GianLuca!
I’ve proudly purchased and downloaded the software! i can’t wait to get the license key!

BTW, I read in the quickstart faq that Indigo is not supported in the “render only” option: will it be supported in short time?
Thanks a lot!

This is a miskate, I updated the article. Indigo’s latest version does support Skatter.

Cool! And do you know…how? ?
I did a couple tests but it seems I can’tget it to work. Also, the presets for the grass don’t work either, but probably it’s my bad use of the program.
I suggest you guys keep the documentation up to date: Indigo is a GREAT software, but the documentation update about how to use it is way slow: I wouldn’t want skatter to lose skindigo users because of a documentation lack…

I can’tget it to work. Also, the presets for the grass don’t work either

What happens exactly?

It works quite well indeed…I just noticed that with some components it doesn’t work…objects are not rendered…I have to explode all the component…than make a group…and than finally it works perfectly…maybe it’s a bug or I’m unlucky with the components I choose to scatter…anyway the presets for the grass are working quite well !