Infraworks fbx Export Texture Displaced

I have tried many programs to get the same terrain, textured including Transmutr in order to get it into Sketchup.
When transmutring the fbx file from Infraworks all the ground texture are displaced.

is there any workflow, trick to get the model in the same state as in the source program - Infraworks?

Thank you in advance

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Could you send us one of these files to [email protected] ?


Thank you, a file has been sent.


Attached-plese-find file.

Apparently there is a general issue with reading fbx file expoerting from InfraWorks. The only program it could (probably) read correctly is 3ds Max.



(Attachment IW fbx is missing)

Hullo, I am not certain if this is the same area but all terrain images are complete in InfraWorks - those imported elsewhere from IW are distorted.
Here is the content in IW 2023:


Perhaps it could help.

I will tried passing Infrawork fbx via max and then Transmutr.
Furnishing you with both fbx.
Also the effect of applying the suggested solution in the link above.