Issue with opacity map

Hello, i have an issue with opacity map.
I’ve create a fbx, then imported into transmutr.
Everything is good, i do have my opacity map.

It makes something strange tho

But in sketchup, i do not have my opacity map. (you can see on another leaves too)

Is there a way to correct that ?

thank you

Hi @kanadiou
Could you send us your files to [email protected] so that we take a look?

Hi, i just did, with two project.
I have the issue with multiple files.
thank you

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@kanadiou Thanks for the files.

The leaves do not appear as transparent in SketchUp because their material uses a diffuse texture without an alpha channel.

Transmutr generates models with render-ready materials. For instance, transparency works as expected when rendering your model with V-Ray because Transmutr tells V-Ray to use all the available textures (diffuse map, opacity map, etc…)

However, SketchUp’s viewport is not as sophisticated in terms of materials.
So if you want the transparency to work there, you’ll have to create a single texture with both the diffuse and opacity data and select it manually from SketchUp (I don’t think there’s such a file in your package).

Here’s the end result:

An example of texture made transparent: Arugula 1 Dif with (175.8 KB)

Ok thank you very much for your explainations.
As i use cinema 4d then fbx, yes my alpha needs to be a separate file.
Than I export my sketchup files to d5 render, that needs a seperate alpha layer.
I think there is no workaround to make it right ?
In d5 render so I need to put them manually, if sketchup does not allow seperate alpha texture, i think there is no easy solution ?

I’m not familiar at all with Cinema 4D or D5 Render so unfortunately I cannot help much.
Maybe they have discussion forums where you could ask about a possible workflow and link this thread as a starting point?

i figured out how to do, the easiest wat is to do as usual, then after the step in sketchup, it is better to modify jpg to png with alpha then replace. A little tricky but no easy solution I think.

Thank for your help, i managed to have alpha that way.

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